The items collected by Journey Church for The Prop Closet fundraiser are part of an online auction with Everything But the House.

(The auction closes on November 30th at 8:00 pm EST)

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Share Your Story.

Our story is perhaps our greatest gift,
as each of our stories reflect HIS STORY...

Stories are filled with props. Props are connecting points for us in an ongoing narrative of redemption.

When displayed or given away, we reveal something about what we value.

What’s in your story?
— Jamie George, Journey Church Franklin, Lead Pastor
                                  JOURNEY CHURCH @ THE FACTORY in FRANKLIN, TN

                                 JOURNEY CHURCH @ THE FACTORY in FRANKLIN, TN


Journey is a community in movement--a fellowship of discovery. We desire to love well and serve often, while together we explore the adventurous love story of Jesus. If you wish to donate a "prop" from your "story" to the future vision of Journey Church, our team of "prop curators" will market your gifts online, or reserve them for use in our future campus, to help us know, live, and tell the love story of Jesus to the world. 

If you have felt loved or served by Journey, would you consider serving us at our point of need?  Either through one one-time gifts or by donating items, "props" from your story, your financial support will help us to continue to exist as a church that serves not only the local community, church planting initiatives, international missions, but people like you around the world who have found Journey to be a bit of a home away from home.

Asking you to give is new to us. Prop Closet is an unconventional, new approach for us all--an opportunity to become mutually engaged in the Journey God is leading us on. Thank you for inviting us into your life. And more importantly, thank you for trusting us with your story. 


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Find out about the people and props that will help make the future vision of Journey Church a reality. 

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Collections & pick-up

Journey Church will be hosting three Prop Drop dates for people who wish to give from their story.

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